Duration of Program : 3-5 days
Availability of virtual learning or in-person
Certified Instructor

Course Overview

The performance of individuals is important as it determines the individuals’ success and the survival of the organization. The Achieving Team performance Excellence using Emotional Resilience program is specifically structured for senior and high managerial positions who wish to improve their performance levels through managing their abilities to perceive, understand and handle their employees emotions.

Developing and mastering Emotional intelligence (EI) has proven to be beneficial to the team and the organization excellence leading to improved teamwork and work environment, greater employee self-awareness and self-control.

Your higher management who are to attend this program will get the chance to explore new methodologies and learn to create and apply strategies that guides their intuition and energy to connect constructively with their team members and key stakeholders for a more engaged and performing work environment.

Course Breakdown

  • Emotional Intelligence: The ability model
  • Developing your Emotional Skills
  • Applying your Emotional Skills for Team Success
  • Emotional Intelligence: The social competence