Duration of Class : 90 hours
Availability of Weekend and Weekday slots
Certified Instructor
Flexible schedules

Overview of the Arabic Communication Skills Course

This Arabic Language course in Dubai presents useful and stimulating exercises to get you to actually use the Arabic language to converse, read and write with a reasonable amount of fluency, not only that but it also covers a wide range of everyday situations and teaches you an active vocabulary of words.
Our Arabic Language classes will help you gain knowledge and understanding of important facets of the language such as the Arabic alphabet, pronunciation of Arabic words, the use of verbs and nouns, and how to read and write simple sentences in Arabic course.
Once you have enrolled to the Arabic Language classes, you will be assessed to identify which level of learning or knowledge you have and know which level to start your training from.
Learn Arabic in Abu Dhabi as it is essential nowadays especially if you are applying to jobs with the increased demand of Arabic speakers in the employment market and the ability for you to have access or compete in a growing market.

Course Breakdown

Basic Arabic

  • General Introduction to the Arabic Language courses
  • Conversation and dialogues on daily topics (Greetings, meeting People and general topics, and expressing likes and dislikes)
  • Learn Arabic About Numbers and Pronouns
  • Basic Grammar

Intermediate Arabic

  • Conversation/ dialogues
  • Talking About Jobs and Routines
  • Making Requests and Complaints
  • Arabic Language Grammar
  • Giving and Receiving Instructions/Suggestions

Advanced Arabic

  • Review Arabic Language numbers and pronouns
  • Conversation/ dialogues
  • Learn Arabic Language Grammar
  • Situational
  • Useful words and Expressions

Requirements to book this course:

Advanced Arabic candidates should be able to converse in Arabic language and has a basic understanding of the grammar in order to start the Arabic certification training.


Who Should take the Arabic Communication Skills Training?

  • Individuals looking to learn the Arabic Language to be able to interact with an Arabic Community and fit in.
  • Professionals or individuals looking to improve their Arabic Language to excel in their career.

Why enrol for the Arabic Communication Skills Training?

  • To land the job of your dreams which requires Arabic Language skills.
  • To be able to recognize the dialects.
  • To learn the methodology of learning Arabic Language.
  • To be able to conversate with your Arabic friends or colleagues.

Accredited by

Dubai Knowledge Actvet