Duration of Class : 10 hours
Availability of Weekend and Weekday slots
Certified Instructor
Flexible Schedules

Course Overview

Course Overview Organizations desiring rapid business growth give substantial importance to sales skills and training, which benefits by teaching proven sales processes that are effective, and smart sales tools and techniques that can be implemented to differentiate and achieve exponential sales performance at an individual or company level.

The Art of Selling course is designed to make you more effective and efficient as you pursue your sales goals through learning to close deals and improve the performance of any sales team. In addition to that you will understand how to stand out in the crowd, attract customers, and build support for your initiatives within your company.

This program will help you to understand the range of skills that a successful salesperson needs through participating in a series of activities and role-play. You will build up your credibility and likability from your customers prospect and acquire knowledge on understanding and using body language and non-verbal communication to your advantage.

The Art of Selling course presents the fundamentals of the sales and selling process. During the workshop, participants will learn how to get into the salesperson’s mindset, distinguish between features and benefits, present competitive strengths, find new clients and network more effectively.

Course Breakdown

  • Overview of Sales.
  • The Qualification process.
  • Communication Skills
  • Generating Leads – Prospecting.
  • Creating the Opportunity and utilizing it.
  • Presentation – Understanding and meeting customer needs.
  • Handling customers objections.
  • Closing the sale and fellow up.
  • Understand the range of skills a successful salesperson needs.
  • Gain power of positive sales mindset towards achieving sales targets.
  • Learn how to make that positive first impression.
  • Build up credibility and likability from your prospect.
  • Understand and use body language and non-verbal communication to your advantage.
  • Tips to identify the specific needs of your client and how to match these with what you are selling and offering.
  • Preparation for sales presentations and calls.
  • Manage objections and excuses in a positive and influential manner.
  • Enhance techniques of how to get to that “YES” and close the sale.