Bahrain established the National Programme to improve the living standards of its nationals, further in line with the Bahrain Economic Vision 2030, making local talents the first-choice employees in both public and private sectors.

With our 40 years of experience, we can help you in recruiting essential and leading national talents to fill all kinds of positions in your company

Why work with us?

  • We can help you overcome challenges by locating qualified local professionals for your company.
  • We understand the local employment laws in Bahrain.
  • Our professional team can work across various industry verticals and job levels.

  • The objective behind Bahrainisation

    Local talents are supported to become the engine of economic development by enabling them to successfully seize opportunities that the new economic realities present to encourage their assistance to the local economy by leaving a mark on high potential sectors.

    Benefits of hiring a local.

  • A reliable method to secure your organization, especially if you are new to the Kuwaiti market
  • Locals have Knowledge of the local culture and business practices in which they live.
  • National Talents understand the local rules and regulations; therefore, they can easily navigate potential problems.
  • Better Communication and Cultural understanding hence supporting the company by bringing in more business

  • Why partner with us?


    Our recruitment consultants comes with an expertise of an average tenure of 15 years with NADIA Global and have the qualifications to search and shortlist a pool of candidates using time-tested methodologies to help you find the best talent.

    Quality of Candidates

    With our large database of candidates, we have the capability to provide you with the right talent who will fit in with both your organisation and culture.

    Time Saving

    Our team of recruitment consultants use their network, access to a vast pool of talent database, business and market intelligence to source qualified candidates that enables an efficient and effective hiring experience.

    Culture Driven

    We build long lasting relationships with our customers, we understand how you work and what is important to you. We use this information to save time in the hiring process, ensure that you hire the right talent that fits culture, community, and the needs of your organization.

    Broad Industry Coverage

    We work across a range of industry verticals and job levels from PA to C-Suite.