Duration of Class : 20 hours
Availability of Weekend and Weekday slots
Certified Instructor
Flexible Schedules

Overview of the Business Writing Skills Course

Our Business Writing training course is designed to improve your ability to plan and create well-presented business letters, memos, emails and reports, which are key for efficient and productive business correspondence. If you are looking to improve and enhance both the quality and impact of your work, then join this course today! Learn Business writing to be able to structure any writing in a concise and effective manner to convey relevant and clear information to the reader.

Be it a government, private or public enterprise, written communication or business writing has gained precedence like never before. We will guide and show you how to apply techniques to build expertise in Business Writing and master the skill through ensuring the application of all the elements in professional business writing. The information and practice gained through this course will also bridge the gap in your writing skills. You will resultantly be better positioned to contribute to your organization in your communication with your stakeholders and your customer.

It has been globally observed that candidates who can express fluency in writing through a wide vocabulary stand a higher chance of a promotion, winning a new project and taking a business to greater heights.
Through the Business Writing training, we not only endeavour to help you achieve a distinction in this skill, but also seek to nurture discipline in your life – one that lets you alter your behaviour to practice the right habits. This way, participants acquire real growth in their skills at a deeper level and not just theoretical knowledge.

Course Breakdown

  • Develop a style of business writing that presents a professional image of an individual and as a representative of the organization.
  • Confidence in the ability to use clear, concise, and appropriate language in written communications.
  • Improved performance in preparing and structuring a variety of written documents.
  • Exercises – Letters, Emails and Memos.

  • Who Should take the Business Writing Skills Course?

    • Individual looking to upgrade their business writing skills boost their work performance.
    • Individuals who come from a secretarial, assistant, Human resource or office manager background.

    Why enrol for the Business Writing Training?

    • Learn real life writing skills that you can apply on your daily life.
    • Improve your communication with your colleagues at work.
    • Gain the skill to be able to share your point of view or your recommendations in a clear and thorough way.

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