Duration of Class : 20 hours
Availability of Weekend and Weekday slots
Certified Instructor
Flexible Schedules

Course Overview

The conflict and stress management training aim to impart knowledge, skills & ability to manage conflict & stress at work.

This course aims to equip participants with the know-how on stress & conflict management, reducing absenteeism while improving employee morale and productivity.

This training program will enable you to understand people management, develop your confidence, and teach new methods to inspire openness, discipline, and creativity to create a better working environment and understanding.

It covers strategies for coping with conflict, when to respond and how to use the methodologies to enhance practical leadership skills.

Course Breakdown

  • Define and understand the different sources of conflict
  • Identify personal conflict resolution styles
  • Apply influencing skills and explore relationships with others
  • Manage conflict in teams and engage in effective team problem solving
  • Use the different bases of power and change them according to the situation
  • Practice different strategies for winning the hearts and minds of people
  • know how to reduce and manage stress.

  • Who should take this course?

  • Any individual looking to upgrade their skills
  • Any individual looking to become productive at their workplace
  • All employee levels

  • Why should I take this course?

  • To learn to manage conflict and stress in the workplace.
  • To master being professional and communicating expertly.
  • Become proficient when reading a situation and learn how to resolve it
  • Boost your productivity

  • Takeaways from course:

  • Certificate upon completion of the course.
  • An eye-opening experience that can help you improve your work performance.