Duration of Program : 3-5 days
Availability of virtual learning or in-person
Certified Instructor
Flexible Schedules

Course Overview

Board of directors or Executive decision makers should always be on top of critical situations with a before-hand prepared decision-making processes.

This Leadership Training course aims to encourage effective, collaborative methods of leadership and management. This comprehensive training course helps delegates to work The purpose of critical crisis communication skills course is to give you the know-how when it comes to tackling a crisis through following a certain and most convenient process to your organization considering the development of a team that are ready to analyze the situation, assess the risks, evaluate timelines and responsibilities, develop protocols and provide the necessary resources required such as crisis manuals or communication channels and tools.

Course Breakdown

  • Organizational communication
  • Efficient and effective organizational communication
  • Resolving interdepartmental problems and conflicts
  • Principles of crisis communications
  • Dimensions of crisis communication management