Duration of Class : 20 hours
Availability of Weekend and Weekday slots
Certified Instructor
Flexible Schedules

Course Overview

Our Excellent customer service course is vital within a business; the learning your team will gain will support in perfecting how the manage phone communication and develop their skills is one of the best methods to make a great first impression.

How companies handle phone calls can directly impact their success; therefore, it is essential to have good call handling skills. Contacting your customers through the telephone is the primary means of communicating with your customers. Thus, the experience must create an outstanding first impression, especially with new and potential clients; specific protocols must be adhered to when representing the company best.

Course Breakdown

  • Increased confidence in dealing with all types of callers
  • The ability to consistently create a good impression for yourself and your organization by creating your own internal ‘Telephone Charter.’
  • Techniques to be professional when answering calls, transferring calls, putting callers on hold, dealing with inquiries, dealing with ‘difficult’ callers, etc.
  • The best approach for handling complaints on the telephone
  • To understand how every individual using the telephone contributes to the company’s overall image.
  • To identify the skills and techniques required for excellent telephone etiquette.
  • To learn the best language and voice tone to use when speaking to different types of callers.
  • To understand the importance of active listening and effective questioning.
  • To identify correct and incorrect telephone standards for dealing with all calls.
  • To learn and practice how to be helpful and practical on the telephone.
  • Learning Strategies to manage Customer interaction
  • Call Center Communication skills and abilities
  • Learn how to handle calls of different difficulty levels with confidence and professionalism
  • Know how to structure your telephonic communication to handle various types of calls
  • Improve your questioning techniques for better control of the conversation
  • Master the techniques to cope with caller’s objections, issues and complaints

  • Who should take this course?

  • Individuals who work in positions relevant to managing phone calls
  • All employee levels
  • Assistants, Secretaires, office managers and executives

  • Why should I take this course?

  • To learn new methods handle communications through the phone with clients.
  • To master the etiquette of communicating over the phone
  • To learn to represent your company in a prestigious way when interacting with clients
  • Understanding the importance of how to listen and respond back

  • Takeaways from course:

  • Certificate upon completion of the course.
  • An eye-opening experience that can help you improve your work performance.