Duration of Class : 20 hours

Availability of Weekend and Weekday slots

Certified Instructor

Flexible Schedules

Course Overview

Our HR Management Course is designed to equip you with a comprehensive understanding of the essential functions within the HR department. The curriculum typically covers:

  • Introduction to HR Management:

Explore the role of HR in today's organizations and its core responsibilities.

  • Talent Acquisition and Management: 

Learn effective recruitment strategies, selection processes, and onboarding practices.

  • Employee Relations and Performance Management:

Develop skills to cultivate a positive work environment, manage conflict, and conduct performance reviews.

  • Compensation and Benefits:

Gain expertise in designing and administering competitive compensation and benefits packages.

  • Training and Development:

Learn strategies for identifying training needs, developing effective training programs, and fostering employee development.

  • HR Law and Compliance:

Understand UAE labor laws and regulations pertaining to employee relations, compensation, and safety.

Course Breakdown

  • Human Resource Management Strategic HRM- the role of an HR Manager
  • How to prepare a Human Resources plan, including the Objectives of the HR Process, Manpower Estimation, Job analysis, Job Description, and Job Specification
  • Introduction: How to set up a Recruitment plan
  • The Recruitment Sources
  • The Selection Process
  • New Joiners Placements
  • Induction and the Retention of Employees.
  • Training and Development Process
  • Career Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Performance Management System
  • Various methods of Performance Appraisal
  • Competency Management
  • Compensation Management
  • Job Evaluation-Incentives and Benefits
  • Productivity Management
  • Industrial relations
  • Grievance Procedure
  • Collective Bargaining
  • Settlement of Disputes
  • Retirement/Separation
  • Superannuation Voluntary
  • Retirement Schemes
  • Resignation, Discharge, Dismissal, Suspension, and Layoff

  • Are you passionate about people and the intricacies of the workplace? Do you dream of a career dedicated to fostering positive work environments, attracting top talent, and ensuring organizational success? If so, our comprehensive HR Management Course is the perfect launchpad for your journey!

    Advantages of Our HR Management Course:

    • Master the Fundamentals:

    Gain a thorough understanding of core HR principles, including:

      • Recruitment and Selection Strategies
      • Employee Relations and Performance Management
      • Compensation and Benefits Administration
      • Training and Development Practices
      • Labor Law and Compliance
    • Develop Practical Skills:

    Go beyond theory! Our course incorporates interactive exercises, case studies, and simulations to help you:

      • Analyze real-world HR scenarios
      • Develop effective communication and problem-solving skills
      • Hone your decision-making capabilities
    • Enhance Your Employability:

    In today's competitive market, an HR Management certification demonstrates your commitment to professional development and positions you for career advancement.

    • Network with Industry Professionals:

    Connect with experienced HR practitioners and build valuable connections within the HR community. This allows you to:

      • Gain valuable industry insights
      • Ask questions and address career aspirations
      • Discover potential job opportunities

    Who Should Attend?

    This course is ideal for:

    • Individuals with no prior HR experience seeking to enter the HR field.
    • Professionals looking to enhance their existing HR knowledge and skills.
    • Business owners and entrepreneurs who manage their own workforce.
    • Anyone interested in understanding the complexities of HR management.

    What Will You Gain?

    • A strong foundation in core HR principles and practices.
    • Practical skills to excel in an HR role.
    • Increased confidence in handling HR-related challenges.
    • Enhanced communication and problem-solving abilities.
    • A valuable certificate upon successful completion (depending on the program).

    Ready to Take the First Step?

    Investing in an HR Management Course is an investment in your future!

    Explore your options! Numerous training providers across the UAE offer HR Management courses. Consider factors like course format (in-person, online, blended), duration, and certification offered when making your choice.

    In addition to our HR Management Course, we also offer a variety of specialized HR training programs. Whether you're interested in recruitment best practices, compensation and benefits administration, or talent management strategies, we have a course to meet your needs.

    Don't miss out! Contact us today to learn more about our HR Management Course and unlock your full potential in the dynamic world of HR!

    Looking for additional HR support? We understand that managing all aspects of HR can be challenging. NADIA Global also offers a range of HR services, including:

    • HR Consulting Dubai: 

    Strategic guidance on talent acquisition, compensation planning, and employee relations.

    Outsource non-core HR functions like payroll and benefits administration, freeing up your time for strategic initiatives.

    • HR Recruitment Dubai:

    Leverage our expertise to find and place top talent for your organization.

    Who should take this course

  • Managers and entrepreneurs responsible for HR
  • Individuals who are interested in learning the fundamental principles of HR Management.
  • Individuals looking to build a career in Human Resource
  • Current HR Individuals who wish to boost their qualifications

  • Why should I take this course

  • Understand alternative approaches to supervising human resources and appreciating the diversity of factors that motivate and boost workers.
  • To Apply best practices for hiring and rewarding employees.
  • Learn to manage your employee performance
  • To Avoid critical mistakes in mismanaging human resources