Duration of Program : 5 days
Availability of virtual learning or in-person
Certified Instructor

Course Overview

We provide employees of leading roles and higher management this training with the necessary knowledge, skills, and sets of behaviors to increase their effectiveness when running a C-level managerial roles. This includes preparing board of directors with the right know-how and skills required to manage and adapt to the continuously changing demand and master becoming a solution oriented leader, improve their succession performance to grow and fulfill their potential within the company.

Head of departments or board of directors who are to enroll to this program will also explore common leadership related problems and dilemmas, and practice successfully resolving them.

Course Breakdown

  • Evaluate personal leadership capabilities and benchmark against globally recognized leaders.
  • Influence the culture within the organization through higher engagement and employee interaction.
  • Create value by applying vital executive skills across the full range of responsibilities.
  • Evaluate organizational and workplace disruptions.
  • Exploit opportunities to maintain a competitive edge.
  • Learn to structure a personal executive agenda that drives top performance personally and for the organization.
  • Emotional Intelligence for top management.
  • Conflict Management.

  • Accredited by

    Dubai Knowledge Actvet