Duration of Class : 10 hours

Availability of Weekend and Weekday slots

Certified Instructor

Flexible Schedules

Course Overview

From this Certification in Leadership Training & Management Skills participants will be able to develop their skills to increase team performance, advance career goals, and promote organizational objectives.

This leadership training course in UAE aims to encourage effective, collaborative methods of leadership and management course. This comprehensive training course helps delegates to work in their organizations and leverage the leadership potential of team members. Delegates will be exposed to focus on developing leadership skills, personal influence, as well as explore strategies for building a team of strong professionals who will support each other, deal with tough problems efficiently, and take accountability. This training course focuses on tactful leadership practices that are effective in any business.

This training course also offers a comprehensive overview of good management practice for those new to supervision. This training course introduces delegates to the variety of skills needed to be successful and offers insights into how to personally manage the transition from being a ‘technical expert’ to supervision and team management. If you are new to supervision or management this course offers a compendium of ideas which will impact your practice immediately.

This training course in UAE will utilize a variety of proven adult learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented. This includes highly interactive, hands-on learning style of the Instructor. Many activities will be presented to cause the delegate to engage in and reflect on the information – a large percentage of the time; the course will require interaction and activities. IT utilize a combination of presentations, videos, class discussion, group and self-reflective exercises in order to examine all the elements of content. In a risk free environment delegates can practice skills in a non-threatening environment. The emphasis will be on building the confidence for success.

Course Breakdown

  • How to provide supervisors with the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviors to increase their effectiveness in their current roles
  • How to equip supervisors with the managerial skills necessary for them to adapt to changing demands
  • Improve succession planning to enable managers to fulfill their potential within the company
  • How to structure supervision to meet your own and your employees’ needs, and build a productive relationship
  • Explore common supervision problems and dilemmas, and practice their resolution
  • Team Building and Motivation Training
  • Delegation Training
  • Conflict Management Training
  • Assertiveness
  • Communication Skills
  • Time and Stress Management Training