Duration of Class : 40 hours
Availability of Weekend and Weekday slots
Certified Instructor
Flexible schedules

Course Overview

The Microsoft Outlook course is designed for participants who already have a basic understanding of Microsoft Windows, and who need to learn how to use Microsoft Outlook to compose and send email, schedule appointments, and manage contact information effectively.

NADIA Training Institute is a Microsoft Gold Partner.

Microsoft Outlook is a computer software program.It offers several services such as email management, an address book, notebook, a web browser and a calendar where you organize future meetings and plan your schedule. Keep Microsoft Outlook up-to-date and it will provide a good level of security. It offers junk mail filtering and blocks external content such as downloaded images, web bugs and data from strange sites.

With Microsoft Outlook, it is easy to find anything you’re looking for. Its integrated search function allows clients to use keywords to find contacts, dates and emails. This feature can also be used with any Outlook program, including Contact Manager and Calendar.

Microsoft Outlook course is more than just an application for your computer. It keeps you connected by allowing you to attach it to your mobile device. This allows you to read, write and send emails from anywhere and at any time. If you decide to sync your Outlook account to your phone, you’ll have the added benefit of transforming your calendar into a portable planner and receiving alerts about new & upcoming appointments, while you’re out of office.

Outlook is designed to ensure you get tasks does, by providing what you need to do so. It has a task list, calendar, address book and calendar. Outlook makes it easy to organise your assets. When it comes to sorting and managing most e-mail clients have some sort of rules to do so. Outlook however, raises the bar, allowing users to easily forward, redirect or sort their messages based on their own guidelines.

It also gives you the option to send a variation of automatic “Out of Office” messages to internal and external contacts, based on the information you want to share.

Course Breakdown

  • Getting Started with Email
  • Managing Email
  • Working with People
  • Using the Calendar
  • Using Tasks, Notes and the Journal
  • Organizing Information