With a steadfast commitment to supporting businesses by connecting them with global talent, we offer flexible services that go beyond traditional boundaries. Our foothold in Nepal acts as a bridge, seamlessly linking organizations in GCC with top-tier expertise..

Our range of recruitment services caters to the placement of highly skilled candidates across various job roles. We empower local businesses and international companies to find and nurture exceptional talent across different industries.

In today's dynamic business landscape, companies strive to build versatile and skilled workforces, understanding that smart employee selection is key to achieving their vision and goals. NADIA Global's recruitment solutions offer unmatched excellence, efficiency, and the necessary guidance to navigate the recruitment journey effectively. Our recruitment strategies cater comprehensively to a variety of industries and businesses of different sizes, from startups to multinational giants. Be it a specialist you are looking for, or a bulk hiring requirement, we can provide you with tailor made recruitment solutions.

Our recruitment and advisory services are available for all industries and businesses, ranging from startups and SMEs to governmental organizations and MNCs

What to expect from NADIA Global

  • We conduct talent searches, carefully identifying individuals with the required skills and experience as specified by our clients. Our expertise enables us to quickly fill vacancies within defined timeframes.
  • Our structured recruitment process includes comprehensive candidate assessments, thorough initial evaluations, detailed interviews, contract negotiations, and streamlined onboarding procedures.
  • Leveraging our deep understanding of global recruitment, we ensure full compliance with international standards.
  • At NADIA Global, we are committed to helping businesses explore limitless opportunities for international recruitment, bringing together talents from around the world to achieve results that make an impact.

  • NADIA Global's extensive recruitment network allows us to seamlessly identify and engage with local talent, enabling our clients to access a diverse pool of skilled individuals in their respective regions. Choose us for an unparalleled professional recruitment experience, where our excellence guarantees effortless access to global talent.

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    We will support you recruiting across any industry, including: