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Welcome to NADIA Global's Certification in Secretarial Skills Course, where we offer comprehensive training for individuals aspiring to excel as secretaries, executive secretaries, administrators, receptionists, or personal assistants. This course equips participants with the essential skills and knowledge needed to thrive in today's dynamic and demanding workplace environment. With a focus on practicality and real-world scenarios, our program ensures that graduates are well-prepared to handle the challenges of their roles with confidence and efficiency.

Key Features

The main attributes of NADIA Global’s Supervisory Skills Course.

  1. Business Communication Skills: Effective communication lies at the heart of secretarial roles. Our course provides in-depth training in written and verbal communication, enabling participants to convey information accurately, professionally, and with confidence. From drafting emails and letters to communicating in meetings, participants gain the skills necessary to excel in their communication endeavors.
  2. Meeting Arrangements and Minutes of Meeting (MOM): Secretaries often play a crucial role in organizing meetings and ensuring their smooth operation. Our course covers essential techniques for arranging meetings, coordinating schedules, preparing agendas, and writing accurate Minutes of Meeting (MOM). Participants learn to manage meeting logistics efficiently, ensuring productive outcomes.
  3. Organizing Paperwork and Follow-up Procedures: Secretarial roles involve handling a significant amount of paperwork, records, and documentation. Our program equips participants with practical strategies for organizing paperwork, implementing effective filing systems, and streamlining follow-up procedures. This ensures that essential information is readily accessible, saving time and enhancing productivity.
  4. Presentation Skills: Secretaries often find themselves in situations where they need to deliver presentations or assist in their preparation. Our course provides comprehensive training in presentation skills, covering areas such as structuring content, using visual aids effectively, and delivering engaging presentations. Participants gain confidence in their ability to deliver impactful presentations that captivate audiences.
  5. Time Management: Secretaries are responsible for managing their time efficiently, juggling multiple tasks and priorities. Our course offers proven techniques and strategies for effective time management, including prioritization, delegation, and goal setting. Participants learn to optimize their productivity and ensure that deadlines are met without compromising quality.
  6. Formal Email and Letter Writing: Proficient written communication is crucial for secretarial roles. Our program focuses on enhancing participants' formal email and letter writing skills, emphasizing clarity, conciseness, and professionalism. From drafting official correspondence to responding to inquiries, participants gain the ability to communicate effectively through written mediums.
  7. Interpersonal and Communication Skills: Secretaries frequently interact with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders, requiring strong interpersonal and communication skills. Our course hones participants' abilities to build rapport, handle conflicts diplomatically, and engage effectively with diverse individuals. These skills enhance professional relationships and contribute to a positive work environment.
  8. Telephone Etiquette and Front-line Reception Skills: Secretaries often serve as the first point of contact for external parties. Our course provides training in telephone etiquette and front-line reception skills, enabling participants to handle calls professionally, manage inquiries efficiently, and create a favorable impression for the organization.
  9. Meeting Business Requirements in a Changing Workplace Environment: Today's workplace is constantly evolving, with new challenges and demands emerging. Our program equips secretaries with the skills to adapt and meet these evolving business requirements. Participants gain a deep understanding of the changing workplace dynamics, technology integration, and strategies for staying ahead in a competitive environment.
  10. Essential Assertiveness Skills for Secretaries: Secretaries need to assert themselves confidently while managing various tasks and dealing with diverse individuals. Our course focuses on developing essential assertiveness skills, enabling participants to express their opinions, handle conflicts constructively, and effectively manage their roles as valuable team members.
  11. Questioning, Negotiating, and Administration Skills: Secretaries often engage in questioning, negotiation, and administration tasks. Our program equips participants with the necessary skills to ask relevant questions, negotiate effectively, and efficiently handle administrative duties. These skills contribute to improved decision-making, problem-solving, and overall organizational effectiveness.
  12. Practical Skills for Secretaries: Our course emphasizes practicality, ensuring that participants acquire hands-on skills that can be immediately applied in their roles. Through interactive exercises, case studies, and simulations, participants develop a solid foundation in the practical aspects of secretarial work, enhancing their job performance and employability.

Who Needs the Certification in Secretarial Skills Course?

This course is ideal for individuals aspiring to excel in secretarial roles, including:

  • Secretaries
  • Executive Secretaries
  • Administrators
  • Receptionists
  • Personal Assistants

Whether you are a beginner seeking to enter the field or an experienced professional looking to enhance your skills, this course offers valuable insights and practical training to help you succeed in your career.

Course Breakdown

The course breakdown Office and Personal Secretary Training is as below.

  1. Business Communication Skills
  2. Meeting Arrangements and Minutes of Meeting (MOM)
  3. Organizing Paperwork and Follow-up Procedures
  4. Presentation Skills
  5. Time Management
  6. Formal Email and Letter Writing
  7. Interpersonal and Communication Skills
  8. Telephone Etiquette and Front-line Reception Skills
  9. Meeting Business Requirements in a Changing Workplace Environment
  10. Essential Assertiveness Skills for Secretaries
  11. Questioning, Negotiating, and Administration Skills
  12. Practical Skills for Secretaries

Why enroll for the Executive Assistant Course at NADIA Global?

The Certification in Secretarial Skills Course offered by NADIA Global equips individuals with the essential skills and knowledge required to excel in secretarial roles. With a comprehensive curriculum covering business communication, meeting arrangements, paperwork organization, time management, and various other critical areas, participants gain the confidence and competence needed to thrive in today's dynamic workplace environment. Whether you are starting your career or seeking to enhance your existing skills, our course provides practical training that will set you on the path to success as a professional secretary, executive secretary, administrator, receptionist, or personal assistant. Enroll today and unlock your potential in the exciting world of Supervisory skills. Contact us to register for our courses and take the next step for your career growth.


Frequently Asked Questions

We are known as the leading training institute in the GCC with 40 years of experience in designing custom-made training programs dedicated to developing professional skills for greater success. On completion of every course, students earn a government approved and/or an internationally accredited certificate. NADIA is officially licensed by KHDA and ACTVET, the educational government authority for Dubai and Abu Dhabi, respectively.

Earning a professional Certificate will increase your chances to:
  • Enhance your job prospects
  • Enrich your resume/CV
  • Standout in an aggressive and competitive hiring market
  • Improve your eligibility for a job promotion
  • Enhance your work productivity and confidence
  • Upon completion of a training course with NADIA Global, we will connect you with clients within our network once you have applied to one of their job openings that suits your background and expertise.

    Our classes can be scheduled depending on your requirements and the availability of our trainers. We offer Weekend and Weekday classes. In addition, you have the flexibility to join classes virtually or at any of our training institutes for face-to-face classes. Your preferred venue can be agreed on with one of our training consultants at the time of course registration.

    We provide several different options including installment payments through tabby. The payment method can be agreed on with one of our training consultants at the time of course registration.

  • Skills evaluations and needs analysis
  • Tailored presentations and materials depending on student’s expertise and learning requirements
  • Engaging activities including role playing and group discussions
  • Interactive digital content
  • Interactive boards
  • Best practices and case studies
  • Trainer Q&As
  • Examinations and tests
  • At the completion of every course, we request our students to fill in a form to rate our course material and content, our trainers, and the student’s overall experience of the training to help us make improvements where needed.

  • Improve your employees’ performance in areas requiring further development or improvement to achieve your company’s goals and targets
  • Motivate your employees and boost their morale
  • Elevate your employee’s loyalty to your company
  • Enhancing your employee’s skills and knowledge will result in reduced supervision and increased time efficiency at work
  • Our resources and facilities enable us to conduct trainings for up to xxx students at a time on location at our training institutes. If you require our training service for larger groups, we can conduct the training at any preferred off-site venue. Our trainers are also available to fly abroad for any international requirements

    You can contact us through our Toll-Free number +971 800 2566 where one of our training consultants would be pleased to answer your questions. Our office hours are 9 am to 7 pm Monday through Friday. Alternatively, please visit us in-person at any of our training institutes in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

    Our trainers are highly qualified subject matter experts with an average of 10 years of professional education experience. They constantly ensure that students can apply the subject knowledge learnt in class to real-life scenarios and are capable to educate audiences across departmental levels. Our trainers undergo frequent evaluation using the most sophisticated training evaluation techniques to ensure that the best training standards are delivered, and the best learning outcomes are achieved.