With the goal to diversify the economy, grow international market relationships, and focus on market and efficiency-seeking FDI (Foreign Direct Investment), Kuwait is working on becoming a business-friendly hub for foreign and local companies.

Kuwait has a strong investment grade sovereign rating and low political risks while the government has a strong financial position to support building large business projects especially projects related to new infrastructures such as water, energy, power, drainage, and communication.

Why invest in the Kuwait?

  • The company enjoys 100% foreign ownership
  • The Kuwaiti market is fond of foreign products and services.
  • Kuwait is one of the countries which is highly integrated into the Global economy.
  • The banking system has a strong regulatory support
  • Kuwait has a strong domestic consumer market. Foreign investment is encouraged through offering a range of incentives such as a 10-year tax break in addition to exemption from tax and customs duties on imports.
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