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Course Overview

Excellent Negotiation Skills program contribute significantly to many major factors such as building better business relationships, delivering business accomplishments and lasting high quality solutions that will satisfy all parties needs.

It’s crucial for companies to train their employees on negotiation skills where you will be growing their confidence to achieve business deals successfully, learn to resolve conflict, and give them the ability to maximize values of business opportunities.

The Sales and Negotiation skills program training will guide your team to learn how to tackle sales deals through their negotiation skills and acquire techniques that can support them on their daily business encounters whether face-to face or remotely. They will gain practical experience of different sales techniques and negotiation styles, through live experience and role-play.

The program is structured around four key modules, where you will take part in different sales and negotiation exercises on the following themes, to help cement your learning:

  • Critical elements of successful sales process.
  • Zero-sum bargaining and win-win negotiation.
  • Reconciling tensions and relationships in multi-party communication.
  • Building consensus within all stakeholders.
  • Course Breakdown

  • Gain insight into the behaviors of effective Sales and Marketing negotiators.
  • Develop sales and marketing strategy acumen.
  • Understand some specific tools to reduce time and effort to close during negotiation.
  • Enhancing customer experience by maintaining professional communication internally and externally.
  • Support each participant transition successfully from Self Leadership to Team Leadership.
  • Manage time and perform with productivity and clarity.

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    Dubai Knowledge Actvet