Duration of Program : 3-5 days
Availability of virtual learning or in-person
Certified Instructor

Course Overview

It is of paramount importance for your higher management and employees to upgrade their strategic communication skills in the workplace to align their communication strategy to the overall organizational goal and objectives through knowing how to plan, execute and evaluate. The purpose of the strategic communication skills training is to increase employee engagement, productivity and motivation whilst carrying out their daily tasks to meet the company’s mission.

The strategic communication skills training program combines both theoretical knowledge of fundamental theories, concepts, and applications of strategic communication, and an overview of practices in communication management.

Gaining understanding and commitment to the effort required to take an organisation or team in a new direction is never easy. Even experienced leaders in well-known companies make mistakes, under-communicating, sending inconsistent messages, or failing to explain clearly. This training course explores solutions to the communications challenges leaders currently face.

Course Breakdown

  • Leading Communications
  • Communicating during Change
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Brand Management