Overview of the Supervisory Skills Course

The Supervisory Skills course will provide you with the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviours, to grow your supervision abilities and learn how to effectively drive team efficiency. Making the move to a supervisory role can be demanding and somewhat daunting. For most people, the required skills for supervising others do not come naturally which means they need to learn and apply this new skill systematically.

With our supervisory skills training, you will avoid poor team management and will gain confidence in supervising others through various case studies, examples and scenarios.

The supervisory management skills course will also help you explore several established frameworks of management which gives structure to any supervisory role. These include guidelines to motivate the team, carrying out performance analysis, avoiding and resolving team-supervisor conflicts, problem solving and a variety of intervention methods.

The course is suitable for a variety of supervisory roles such as front line managers, shop floor supervisors and office team leaders. The Supervisory skills course is ideal for those who are new to the supervisory role or those who have been leading but now want to improve their management skills by going through a formal training and tap into established methodologies on supervision and interpersonal skills.

Course Breakdown

  • How to equip supervisors with the managerial skills necessary for them to adapt to changing demands.
  • Improve succession planning to enable managers to fulfill their potential within the company.
  • How to structure supervision to meet your own and your employees’ needs and build a productive relationship.
  • The different and interrelated nature of supervision, coaching and feedback.
  • Explore common supervision problems and dilemmas and practice their resolution.
  • Basic Health and Safety Instructions for a Safe Workplace.

  • Who needs the Supervisory Management Skills Course??

  • Individuals who wish to learn the skills to become a supervisor and manage a team.
  • Supervisors who are looking to boost their skills to receive a promotion.
  • Individuals who wish to learn new skills to improve the work productivity and manage their teams efficiently and effectively.

  • Why enrol for the Supervisory Skills Course?

  • Registering for the supervisory skills course will give you the chance to gain a career progression.
  • Master the supervisory skills to help your company operate smoothly.
  • Upgrading your skills will result into your team trusting you and improve the team efforts.

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