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NADIA Global

10 July 2024

Do you see potential in your in-house trainers? Empower them with our Train the Trainer course in Dubai. Here at NADIA Global, we offer a comprehensive 20-hour course to support your trainers and turn them into professionals. We have the learning resources to improve their techniques and skills and provide them with the right tools for delivering influential and engaging workshops in your organization.

Who can enroll?

Our Train the Trainer course in Dubai equips individuals within your organization with the skills and knowledge to develop and deliver high-impact training programs. It is designed for people who are new to training and those without formal knowledge about designing and delivering instructional programs. Our course is also designed to upgrade the training skills of existing and budding trainers in your organization.

Reasons to take our course

Our Train the Trainer course in the UAE is designed to teach participants how to do the following:

  • Improve their understanding of different training approaches and learning styles to enhance the learning procedure
  • Analyse training strategies and find the most suitable option for every training workshop
  • Create blueprints for training sessions
  • Structure the training materials for group sessions to meet specific requirements
  • Prepare and deliver training sessions suitable for an audience’s area of expertise

A comprehensive learning experience

Our Train the Trainer course in Dubai covers a wide range of topics to help in-house trainers become more effective in various areas, such as:

  • Gathering top-notch training materials
  • Delivery tips and tricks
  • Dealing with challenging participants
  • Keeping the training interactive
  • Creating session plans or lectures
  • Tackling tough topics.

Help your in-house trainers become professionals

Contact us now to learn more about our Train the Trainer course in the UAE and how it can help your in-house team. Email contact@nadiaglobal.com or call 800-2566.

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